Driving a brighter, greener future

Our commitment to sustainability

Fastway is a company that is focused on driving a brighter, greener future, for our employees, courier franchisees, customers and suppliers.  A future where we take small steps over a sustained period of time, that have big impacts on achieving a brighter and greener future.  

Our Commitments

Weaving sustainability into everything we do

We are committed to minimising our environmental footprint and reducing Greenhouse Gas emissions through a number of different initiatives, including renewable energy, green building, alternative fuels, operational efficiency, and tree planting.

As one of the largest courier businesses in Ireland, we are aware of our operational impacts on the environment; we recognise that it is our responsibility to decrease our consumption of natural resources, reduce our waste systems, and use renewable and sustainable resources and energy sources, where ever possible.

Fastway's Forest

Through the Tree-Nation platform, we've planted 500 Cryptomeria japonica trees, and 450 Dalbergia sissoo trees for the 'Eden Projects, Nepal', offsetting over 660 tonnes of Co2 from our annual emissions.

Eden Projects, Nepal

So far we've planted 500 'Cryptomeria Japonica' and 450 'Dalbergia Sissoo' trees which are growing in project Eden Projects, Nepal.

Eden began its Nepal Reforestation Project in 2015 to help improve local livelihoods and restore forests in areas of critical importance. Eden has been working in 3 distinct regions across the country, including a partnership with Chitwan National Park, a World Heritage Site in Nepal. By partnering with the National Park system, Eden Projects is helping to protect and create a reforested buffer zone that is vital to protect animal habitat.

Eden Projects, Nepal

951 Trees Planted

951 trees have been planted in total, 500 Cryptomeria Japonica trees and 450 Dalbergia Sissoo trees in the 'Eden Projects' reforestation area in Nepal.

CO2 Offset

Over 660 tonnes of Co2 has been offset from our annual emissions.